Roller Skate Victoria Dance Academy

Roller Skate Victoria is committed to contributing to the community through the promotion of roller sport, fitness, and performance art on Vancouver Island by providing training and events in a fun, inclusive, and encouraging environment.

Roller Skate Victoria was officially founded by Andrea “SkaterBoyes” Boyes in 2018. The vision was to provide an organization that spread the love of roller skating to a greater audience and to promote roller skating as a form of performance art.

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Roller Skate Victoria

Roller Skate Victoria is committed to bringing you only the very best instructors to help you safely and confidently along your skating journey. That’s why our instructors are Skate IA certified.

Skate IA Certified Instructors

Starting out as a humble meetup group in parks around the city, we’ve grown to become many things:

  • We are an award winning skate school with Skate IA certified instructors providing classes for all ages, from six to sixty!
  • We are an event company that hosts private roller parties and roller discos for 5 to 300+ people.
  • We have professional dance crews for hire, providing roller skating performances to make any event extra special.
  • We host summer camps for kids via the parks and recreation departments in and around our region.
  • Look for our online academy with recorded tutorials and live internet video classes.
  • In person weekly classes in learn to skate, roller dance, roller work outs and jam skating.

Our passion for roller skating continues to grow as does our Skate Fam! We love rolling and hope you do too.

Our team


Roller Skate Victoria
Roller Skate Victoria’s co-founder Andrea Boyes

Mike “DJ Miker” Aucoin