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Join our online Roller Skate School for lessons, skating tutorials, dance skate choreography, and workouts. Roller skating community done socially distant. We can get through this together. 

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Who We Are

We are an award winning Roller Skate School based out of Victoria, BC. Established in October 2018, we have successfully taught hundreds of students how to roller skate and roller dance in the short time our doors have been open. 

Normally we provide in person instruction but the current state of affairs has caused us to temporarily suspend all classes and meet ups for the foreseeable future. We know how important roller skating is to many in terms of physical and mental health. We are determined to keep skating alive and well in Victoria and globally through these difficult times. 

We have launched our online academy, and are offering one year of online lessons for only $75. 

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Photo credit: Michael Aucoin

Our Response to Covid-19

Our physical doors may be closed but we are still here as support for the skate community.

Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic we have had to cease all in person classes, events, camps, and other endeavors for the time being. We are as uncertain as anyone else at this time as to when business as usual will resume. 

We encourage skaters to continue to stay active and remain healthy both physically and mentally during this time. There are increasing challenges to us as a community during this time with playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts, and facilities all closing. Where can we skate? If you can find a space indoors approximately 8’x8′ that is sufficient for class! If that is not an option to you, try to find some smooth pavement outdoors in a quiet, safe space.

If you are going to use the paved trails in our communities for distance skates, please remain 6′ apart if you are skating with others outside your own household. Wash your hands and don’t touch your faces.

We urge our Skate Fam to please stay home as much as possible right now. We need to do our part to flatten the curve so please respect all the new rules and restrictions that are going to be coming into play in the coming days, weeks, and months.

As a gift to the roller skating community during this uncertain time, we are pledging to provide live workouts streamed on Facebook every other day, and alternating between Roller Dance Aerobics and Roller Sweat. In addition, we will provide free tutorials or dance skate choreography on our Instagram throughout Social Isolation. 

For our newly formed online roller dance school, we will be providing daily workouts and frequent tutorial uploads during Isolation. 

Isolation Uploads


  • Check Weekly Upload Schedule posted to Instagram every Sunday
  • 3-4x/week Free Facebook Live Workouts
  • Skating tutorials
  • Dance Skate Choreography

RSVonlineDA Isolation Sale

$40/ year

  • Daily Workouts
  • Roller Skating Skill tutorials
  • Roller Dance technique videos
  • Direct connection to all of our qualified instructors for feedback on skills and technique.
  • Roller Sweat Exercise library
  • Roller Dance Aerobics combo library
  • Dance Skate Choreography from dance crews
  • Organized into units to make learning easier

RSVonlineDA Regular

$75/ year

  • Full Access to Skating Skill and Roller Dance technique Units
  • Full Access to RDA and RS libraries
  • 2x/week live Roller Sweat workouts
  • Direct connection to Instructors for feedback and coaching
  • Discounts on in person classes and events once re-instated.
  • First to know of upcoming developments. 

Meet Your Goals

Join our online community of dedicated roller skaters and accomplish your roller dreams! Our instructional videos are easy to follow and we offer unparalleled online support from qualified and experienced coaches. 

We encourage our students to post videos for feedback from our coaches and to receive support and connection from a fantastic group of wonderful skaters. Join our community, grow your skills, and have fun with us on 8 wheels. 

Join our school now for only $75for the whole year and get a bonus 2 week rental from our fleet to get you rolling while you wait for your own wheels to arrive. (Bonus applicable for local skaters only). No skates? No problem. Sign up now and we’ll help you get rolling right away. 

Some of the people we’ve helped so far to begin their roller journeys…

“At 58(almost 59) I decided that I wanted to try to learn to roller skate – something I never achieved in my youth. Having long admired Vicky and her journey with roller skating I asked her if she thought someone as old, overweight and out of shape as me could actually learn. She assured me that she believed I could do it and so we arranged a lesson when I came to Victoria. I was astounded that within minutes of starting i was actually across the room, albeit, quite slowly. With some tips from Coach Vicky and Mat I was able to learn to duck walk, slide (a fancy foot step), stop and even got a little speed up. Yes, I fell twice but without any consequences except some mild embarrassment. I am still very proud of what I accomplished in one short lesson. It was a great workout, I sweated up a storm but I was thrilled to learn this old dog could learn a new trick. If you have ever wished you could learn to roller skate or if you wish to brush up on your roller skating I highly recommend you connect with Vicky. She is a lovely young women who will provide you with support and encouragement as you learn to roller skate.

– Amy Nierenhausen Weaver

“Ready to rock and roll? If you used to skate, Roller Skate Victoria will help get your skates back on. If you never have, with the detailed instruction at the Drop-In’s and cheap rentals, there’s nothing in your way to roll into a new skill. Come join us”

– Elizabeth Shannon

“It is pure, joyful FUN. The instructors are lovely. It’s a beautiful community.”

– Astrid Starke

“Just under 1 year ago I was a scaredy cat roller skater. I had skated as a teen and thought it was like riding a bike. It’s not. First time i went I fell and hit my head as soon as I stood up and then fell again and hit my elbow. I was determined to learn how to skate so I took the Intro to Roller Skate with Roller Skate Victoria and now I can skate again! I’m still a scaredy cat when learning new skills but I’ve come along way!”

– Terry Niles











Meet the Instructors…

Photo credit: Michael Aucoin

  • Marty “Mart-man” Newham
  • Co-Founder and Co-Owner
  • Skate IA Certified Instructor
  • The Cheap Skates head coach
  • Skate Canada Gold in Ice Dance
  • Roller Skating since 2015
  • Specializes in synchronized skating and pairs.

Photo credit: Michael Aucoin

  • Andrea “Skaterboyes” Boyes
  • Co-Founder and Co-Owner
  • Skate IA Certified Instructor
  • Rutledge Rollers head coach
  • Roller Dance Aerobics Creator
  • Skate Canada Gold in Freeskate, Skills and Dance
  • Roller Skating since 2014

  • Vicky “Rage” “Z-Dance”
  • Co-Owner
  • ISSA certified personal trainer
  • Mini Rollers head coach
  • Roller Sweat Creator
  • Competed at the Roller Derby World Cup for Team Indigenous 2018
  • Roller Skating since 2008

  • Kelly “Beaver Canoe” Duncan
  • Skate IA certified instructor
  • Roller derby veteran skater
  • Roller skating since childhood
  • Successfully taught her 2 year old to roller skate!

  • Mathew “Morph” Mortenson
  • Skate IA Certified Instructor
  • SWA Krew Elite Member
  • Roller skating since December 2018
  • Resident Jam Skater

  • Coach Ripley 
  • Skate IA Certified Instructor
  • Level 3 Junior Roller Derby Skater
  • Roller skating since 2016.

  • Mitchell “Polka” Pocha
  • Roller Skate Victoria Skater of the year 2019
  • Roller skating since August 2018
  • Best outside edge spread eagle/Ina Bauer

  • Andy “Fancy Feet” Wenting
  • Roller Skate Victoria Skater of the month August 2019
  • Stardust Richmond Roller Rink Instructor ’77-81
  • Passionate about trail skating

  • Caitlin “Caiteskates” Bruce
  • Skate Park Enthusiast
  • Roller skating since 2018.

  • Trisha “T-Bird” Mason
  • Victoria Roller Girls head coach
  • Retired roller derby veteran skater
  • Roller skating since 2006

Keep Skating, Stay Well