Photo credit: Scott Douglas Hemenway

Vicky “Rage” Major (Zdancewicz)

  • Co-Owner
  • Administrator
  • Personal Trainer
  • Roller Sweat Developer
  • Choreographer
  • Professional Dance Crew


Over 20 combined years of dance and rollerskating experience

Student, Performer, Athlete, Teacher


  • Working on ISSA Personal Training and Sports Nutrition Certification
  • 10 years competitive roller derby WFTDA charter team – Eves of Destruction
  • Inaugural Team Indigenous World Cup charter player
  • 6 years roller derby coach
  • Roller Skate Victoria Professional Dance Crew Choreographer and member
  • 10 years ballet training at Wendy Steen Mitchell School of Dance
  • Aerial Arts training at The Rising Circus School
  • Gymnastics Training at Inspire Sports
  • Roller Sweat Program Developer
  • First Canadian Rollerlyra artist

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Roller Derby

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Roller Dance/Lyra