Skate IA Certified Instructors


Yvette started roller skating at the age of 11 at the Stardust Roller rink in Surrey, BC. After not skating for many years, she relearned to skate and started to play roller derby in 2007 with the Eves of Destruction on the Margarita Villains house team. She is still involved with the Eves, but for the last four years as a coach of the Rotten Apple Junior team. 

She also loves to skate some of the great trails in Victoria such as the E&N and Galloping Goose for fun and exercise.  

Favourite Skate Move:
  • Hill bombing
Skate gear:
  • Totally not a gear head!
Fun fact:
  • Yvette had a hip replacement and put on her skates 6 weeks after the surgery!