Coach Wincy


Wincy has been ice and inline skating for over 26 years and roller skating since 2019. She is more in tune with gliding than walking! Her only other pastime that might match this obsession, is over-researching seemingly mundane things.

Wincy sees skating, on whatever medium as a key to unlocking a world where your feet are free and your heart and mind can soar.

  • Skate IA Certified Instructor 
  • Skate Canada Certified Professional Coach 
  • BC Teaching Certification 
  • Ontario Teaching Certification 
  • Roller Skate Victoria Dance Crew member 
  • Competed free skate at the Junior competitive level for figure skating
  • Performed in a commercial for Kraft (
Professional Career: 

Wincy has a B.Sc. in Kinesiology and Health Science and B.Ed. for I/S Phys Ed and Science. 

She has been coaching ice skating for 17 years to beginners, figure skaters and hockey players. Additionally she’s operated an in-home personal training business, performed as a Mad Scientist at camps, birthday parties and schools, and volunteer-coached a house league soccer team to three successful seasons. By day she’s churning through HR fun, spreadsheets and recipes. But her real passions are over sciencing anything/everything and teaching.

Favorite Skate Move: 
  • Jumps!
Skate Gear: 
  • Converted ice skates – SP-Teri boots, Roll-Line Mistral plates, Moxi Fundae wheels (outdoor)/ Bones Super Elite (indoor)
Fun Fact:
  • Wincy loves spiders – the bigger the better – unless they’re in her house! Needless to say, she loves the Victoria Bug Zoo!