Kelly Duncan


With over 30 years of skating experience in roller derby and roller fitness Kelly brings her joy of skating and physical health to everything she does. Kelly is a Skate IA certified instructor and teaches in our learn to skate programs for both kids and adults. Kelly has also helped to develop our roller sweat program. Kelly loves the full body workout that roller skating offers.

A 12 season veteran of roller derby Kelly has played for many teams on Vancouver Island including Eves of Destruction, Brickhouse Betties, Harbour City Rollers, Victoria Co-Ed and the Vancouver Island Allstars. Kelly brings this experience to Roller Skate Victoria providing a friendly, supportive and inclusive environment for all our students.

  • Skate IA Certified instructor
  • Roller derby coach and trainer for 12 years teaching roller skating, minimum skills and full contact roller derby for skaters of all levels
  • Organizer and guest coach for a government funded boot camp in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
  • Guest coach in Sicily, Italy for a one-day intro-to-skating/derby class
  • Uses a biomechanics approach to skating form and stride that considers angles, power and force to maximize efficiency and safety
  • Firmly believes athletes need to address their fundamental skating skills, core, agility and endurance to improve skill and prevent injuries!
  • Proudly skated up to her 40th week of pregnancy and gives credit to roller skating for her fit and healthy pregnancy!