Introducing New Drop-In Classes, Rental Policy changes, and Punch Cards!






Dear Skate Fam, 

Thank you so much for your support! Since our launch as a Dance Academy in October we have learned so much and grown so much in a very short period of time. You should see our rental collection so far!

We recently welcomed Z-Dance in as equal partner into this operation and have been navigating where we would like the Roller Disco Ship to sail to next.

Photo credit: Michael Aucoin

We announced on Facebook and Instagram about our artistic direction change; moving from a short teaching term to a longer semester leading up to a Year End Show. We’ve expanded our classes and locations. We are now offering monthly social skates in town!

Photo Credit: Scott Douglas Hemenway

We’re booking shows for our Pro Crew to perform. We’re booking birthday parties, corporate events, and even grad parties now! We have another big disco at Archie Browning planned for May 4th.

Photo credit: Michael Aucoin

Andrea and Vicky are both taking a choreography course through Passion & Performance to bring you awesome entertainment. We are developing professionally and as artists in this new form of dance expression every day! And it’s so exciting!

Photo credit: Michael Aucoin

We have been skating every day so far this year and will continue to do so for all of 2019. Those adventures can be followed on Instagram @rollerskatevictoria #skateeveryday ! We created this challenge to engage with our students and other roller dancers in our online communities and to grow as artists, skaters, and performers. We’ll be doing contests to continue to foster growth in our online skate community and we invite you to join us! 

Photo credit: Michael Aucoin


This growth has been incredible, rewarding, and so exciting! It was really quite unexpected. When Marty and Andrea first started Roller Skate Victoria they had no idea what the response was going to be like!

And it has been so heartwarming to see the love of roller skating growing in Victoria. The amount of people that trekked all the way out to Royal Roads for the Santa Skate was incredible!

Photo credit: Michael Aucoin

At our most recent meet-ups our numbers have easily doubled! That means we need more skates. And we need to tweak a couple things about the way we do business when it comes to our rental skates to accommodate the amazing growth we have seen in the past couple of months. 

                    Serious disco business ahead…

Starting next week we will not be able to offer free rentals for drop-in open skate. Rentals will continue to be included free for all registered classes. The Price will be raised to $2 + $5 admission to open skate sessions. This price will be applied to all drop-in classes, of which we now offer two! Roller Sweat and Drop-in Roller Dance will both cost $15/class + $2 rental fee. We know that price increases hit families especially hard so we have made a special family rate for drop-in open sessions of $25. This includes admission and rentals for 2 adult and 2 children. For your convenience and to give you a bit of savings we have also decided to offer a number of different punch card passes to fit your skating needs. You can order your punch cards directly through the website and they will be ready for you when you come to your next class or open drop-in! 

Here’s a break down on the punch cards we’re offering now: 

Drop-in Class Punch Cards (reg $15/class):

5 classes = $70

10 classes = $135

*rentals not included

Rental Punch Cards (reg $2/session):

5 rentals = $8.75

10 rentals = $15

*not applicable for Social Skates or Big Discos

Open Skate Punch Cards (reg $5/session):

5 sessions = $23.75

10 sessions = $45

*only applicable for Open Skate @ RRU Sundays 2-3pm, Jan 20-May19 

Family Pass Punch Card (reg $25/session): 

5 sessions = $120

*only applicable for Open Skate @ RRU Sundays 2-3pm, Jan 20-May19

Photo credit: Michael Aucoin

One more new feature we are offering is the ability to reserve your skates online with 2 days notice prior to class. Simply click the link, give us the details and we’ll make sure you’ve got wheels on your feet when you need them. There are still limited sizes available. Skates are very difficult to procure for very small feet and larger than 13 in men’s is custom. So while this is not a guarantee, we will do our very best, and will confirm we have your skates within 24 hrs of receiving your reservation. 

Photo credit: Michael Aucoin

There are a lot of changes coming very quickly so we just want to express our thanks for your patience and patronage! If you have any feedback, questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to send us a message below! We look forward to skating with you this Session! 

💜 🧡 💙 Marty, Andrea, & Vicky


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